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Sony: 'It's our fault for not releasing The Last Guardian yet'

Jonathan Lester
PS4, Sony, Team Ico

Sony: 'It's our fault for not releasing The Last Guardian yet'

It's really our fault for daring to dream

Every year we wonder if maybe, just maybe, The Last Guardian might finally re-emerge. Before being slapped down by cruel reality.

It's the definition of insanity, yet once again we dared to dream and saw absolutely nothing at Sony's E3 event. Shuhei Yoshida has once again apologised for the "roller coaster of emotions" that has been chugging around its tracks since the launch of the PS3, but still has little to announce.

"Lots of people tweeted me they were heartbroken by that news [prior to the show]," Yoshida told Eurogamer. "People are going through this roller coaster of emotions, and it's our fault for not releasing the game, yet.

"We owe a lot to those people, but we really don't want to release piecemeal information until we can say this is The Last Guardian - so we ask you to wait."

So Gamescom then? Yes! Surely we'll see it at Gamescom, and if we don't, that's because Sony are saving it for TGS! That's right... yes... heh... haha...HAHAHAAAAAAA *sob*

Sorry. Surely something will have to give soon, since Team ICO has basically disbanded and Fumito Ueda is employed as a freelancer on his own game. Development hell rarely leads to exceptional games. We will, as ever, cruelly raise your hopes and dash them again in the run-up to the next big conference, so look forward to that unless Sony does the civilized thing and cancels it.

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MattGardner  Jun. 12, 2014 at 11:12

Team ICO Super HD Remix coming only to PS4 Holiday 2014 (includes extended The Last Guardian trailer made from stop motion taxidermy)


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