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Last Guardian Exec Producer Quits For UK Social Gaming Studio

Matt Gardner
Bossa Studios, Sony, The Last Guardian, Yoshifusa Hayama

Last Guardian Exec Producer Quits For UK Social Gaming Studio

With a question mark still hovering over the head of designer Fumito Ueda, The Last Guardian fans might want to look away as news rolls in that one of the producers on the game has definitely stepped out, with executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama leaving Sony to join UK social game developer Bossa Studios as creative director.

Hayama himself was effusive in praise for Flash 11, eager to bring about an advent of social games to rival their console counterparts.

"The future of gaming is definitely online and thanks to recent developments with Flash 11, there is no reason why a social game can no longer be as visually stunning and as compelling as the big console titles," stated Hayama. "Together at Bossa we have plans to bring a plethora of games to Facebook and eventually other appropriate social media channels, which include 3D elements and can be enjoyed by all age and interest groups."

Needless to say, with Hayama's history at Sony, SEGA, EA, Square Enix and more, Bossa were pretty happy too.

"The appointment of Yoshifusa marks a great day in our journey and of social gaming as a whole," said Bossa boss Henrique Olifiers. "In Monstermind we have already bought to market a game that breaks the traditional social gaming mould; one that works in real-time and with multiplayer elements. Now we have in-house one of the finest creative minds in the gaming industry, who not only shares our vision for creating 'anti-social' games that people love, but will make social games as compelling and visually stunning as their console counterparts."

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DivideByZero  Dec. 7, 2011 at 16:24

This is wrong on so many levels. People walking out on what should be one of the best games ever is always worrying - but going to social gaming, wtf.

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