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Guild Wars 2 is 75% off this weekend - and probably the best value £8.75 you'll ever spend

Jonathan Lester
Guild Wars 2, MMORPG, PC games

Guild Wars 2 is 75% off this weekend - and probably the best value £8.75 you'll ever spend

To celebrate the upcoming Heart Of Thorns expansion, Guild Wars 2 will be slashed down to £8.75 from 16:00 today.

Guild Wars 2 is fantastic. An enormous world with numerous factions, great PVP, a strong personal story that can be soloed right up until the final boss, but encouraging you to organically meet up with other players with hundreds of dynamic events and enormous collaborative world vs world battles. What's more, it can be yours for a ridiculous £8.75 this weekend, and it's buy to play!

That's right. No subs. Just £8.75 and you're in, forever. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that it might be the best value £8.75 you'll ever spend. Thanks to Si__ @ HUKD!

As someone who still logs in regularly (look out for Byssk on the Desolation server!), I'm still finding new things to do even after hundreds of hours. Guild Wars 2 is a perfect first MMORPG for those who haven't been able to get into the genre due to its streamlined and accessible design, plus the ability to play solo and organically join up with fellow players, whether teaming up to take down massive dragons, dynamic world events or forming guilds. You'll always find someone to team up with and teach you the ropes.

Better yet, the story is actually fantastic, presenting a branching race-specific narrative that makes you feel like the star of your own personal adventure whether you play by yourself or with others, a rare thing in an MMORPG. There's a huge amount of depth and a massive community to take advantage of too. To be perfectly honest, it's difficult to find better value/£ anywhere else.

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