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EXPIRED: Guild Wars 2 | £19.99 | Get Games | PC

Carl Phillips
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EXPIRED: Guild Wars 2 | £19.99 | Get Games | PC

UPDATE: Looks like all those Deluxe Edition keys have been snapped up, as the listing is now offline. You can still get a standard copy though, which will save you £10 overall and is still worth the asking price.

ORIGINAL: Deals for this one have been far and few between, but Get Go have unleashed a rather tasty saving with this latest deal. You can get a standard copy of Guild Wars 2 from them for £20, but their current listing for the Digital Deluxe Edition provides a massive saving of £40 over the next best offer. Considering the boosts you get for the extra £5, it’s certainly worth investing in.

It touted a rather bold MMO manifesto in the run up to its release, and while it didn’t quite match all the claims they were hoping for, what they did deliver provided the biggest shake-up to the genre in years. With more gameplay options than you could shake a Quaggan at, it gave players a complete MMO experience, all without a subscription, which is why it got our nod as Best MMO of 2012. Thanks to wooyah @ HUKD!

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timz  Feb. 1, 2013 at 22:29

Is this expired now? :(

CarlPhillips  Feb. 2, 2013 at 12:09

@timz: Unfortunately so :( A deal like that was never going to stay in stock for long, but as soon as another one does appear we'll be sure to post it on the site!

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