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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Interview | Drew Cady & Jerry Schroeder on Sound Design

Carl Phillips
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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Interview | Drew Cady & Jerry Schroeder on Sound Design

I've stated many times that I think Guild Wars 2 is a visually pleasing game thanks to its distinctive art style, but I have just as many good things to say about the audio side of things. I'm not just referring to the soundtrack, either, as the sound design is often the unsung hero for ArenaNet's MMORPG. From the sword swing of a Warrior, to the explosive fireball of an Elementalist, to the sounds of a character running over sand - each action has had a sound effect forged for it.

ArenaNet have shown us how these sounds are created in the past - such as when the sound design team played with fire - but today they have released a new video in collaboration with Sennheiser that focuses on the audio effects and ambiance for the Heart of Thorns expansion. Ahead of its release, I was invited to chat with two of ArenaNet's sound designers, Drew Cady and Jerry Schroeder, to learn more about the sound design throughout the Maguuma jungle. While this one is obviously geared at Guild Wars 2 fans, I'd recommend checking it out if you want to learn how sound designers come up with some (frankly ingenious) methods to create audio effects for your favourite games. You can hear the interview in its entirety after the jump!

Be sure to check out our Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns review if you haven't already, and don't forget that you can play the base game of Guild Wars 2 for absolutely free. You can learn more by heading over to the Guild Wars 2 website.

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