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Guitar Hero: Metallica (Guitar Bundle) £29.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Guitar Hero: Metallica (Guitar Bundle) £29.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 Games]

Metalheads rejoice! Hell, if you've been looking round for another wireless Guitar Hero guitar you should probably rejoice too. Notoriously stingy rockers Metallica now have their own game where you can continue to mash up coloured buttons in time to the furious riffage, and fuel Lars Ulrich's gleeful penny counting in the process.

Music  games can be a pricey investment, particularly when it comes to the peripherals, so it's quite handy that HMV are bundling in the newest Guitar Hero axe along with the GH: Metallica for just £29.99. Considering that this bundle is still retailing predominantly up around the £60 mark, to grab both game and guitar for under thirty quid is a bit of a steal.

As with most of these musical spin-offs, if you love the band then you'll love the game. Unfortunately there's still no way to sync the songs into your existing library, and you actually get less for your money than you would with World Tour in terms of song number.

The Career Mode's story - following a wannabe Metallica tribute act - is somewhat weak, but then these games have never really been about such things I suppose. Thankfully, this game has clearly been crafted as a labour of love by the developers. Every bit of presentation, from the stylised peripheral to the fantastic motion-capture work, is spot on. The setlist reads like the greatest Best Of never released for the band.

The difficulty has been balanced out too. The songs are less finger-shredding than in GH III and yet the hammer-ons and pull-offs don't require the precision timing of the earlier games: it's the perfect balance. The new career progression, based on accumulating stars rather than completing a set number of songs, pretty much allows you to skip at will and keep to the classics if you so wish.

Guitar Hero: Metallica (Guitar Bundle) £29.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 Games]

Finally, the peripheral itself is frankly excellent. I prefer the shape of the Les Paul controller, but this has an improved weight, it feels more robust than any of its rivals and, unlike the first Rock Band guitar, the strum bar won't snap after a week and the buttons all work properly. In fact, the guitar is undoubtedly worth the £30 alone if you're looking for a brand new peripheral.

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Bla  Dec. 28, 2009 at 18:25

get a real guitar and start learning the real deal.

YOu wont get a groupie doing this stuff!

Sean  Dec. 28, 2009 at 20:22


Are you a moron?

Thats like saying, don't buy modern warfare 2, go join the special forces and learn the real deal.

Or don't buy Forza 3, go buy a Nissan GTR and learn the real deal.

Or don't buy Lemmings, go buy some lemmings from a pet store and throw them off a cliff.

Get a grip, its a game.

Matt Gardner  Dec. 29, 2009 at 09:32

The lemmings bit made me laugh so hard that I actually accidentally snorted tea all over my monitor.


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