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Guitar Hero Van Halen Preorder £19.98 @ DVD.co.uk [Xbox 360 and PS3 Gaming]

Jonathan Lester
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Guitar Hero Van Halen Preorder £19.98 @ DVD.co.uk [Xbox 360 and PS3 Gaming]

Aging rockers Van Halen have emptied their colostomy bags long enough to hop on the Activision bandwagon and produce their own Guitar Hero title. DVD.co.uk and its affiliates are currently charging £17.99 for the preorder or £19.98 including delivery, which will net you a gargantuan saving of £16.50 compared to Amazon.

GH: Van Halen has received mixed reviews upon its stateside release due to its fairly weak setlist. Even diehard fans of Van Halen have to admit that they don't have a uniformly strong discography, and certainly not one large enough to fill an entire game. Activision have been forced to pad out the track list with a bunch of second rate filler material. The few excellent Van Halen tracks are a real blast to play (especially on lead guitar, as you'd imagine), but you'll have to trudge through the likes of Blink 192, Lenny Kravitz and Yellowcard to get there.

The second problem is that Van Halen simply aren't on anybody's radar anymore. Air guitaring along to the odd track is fun when it comes on at a party or rock night, but most Guitar Hero fans couldn't care less about watching a bunch of geriatric has-beens lurch around onstage whilst playing a load of songs that they've never heard before.

I'm genuinely surprised that Van Halen didn't release some of their tracks as DLC for Guitar Hero and Rock Band instead of making a dedicated game- but, to be honest, £19.99 is an excellent price for a full Guitar Hero title. Hell, being able to sing along to Stacey's Mum by Fountains of Wayne is almost worth the price of admission by itself! The classic guitar hero gameplay is still as fun and addictive as it always was; if you've got the peripherals and fancy a change of scenery then you could do a lot worse than laying down twenty quid and reliving Van Halen's glory days.

Thanks to andywedge at Hot UK Deals

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Russell  Feb. 8, 2010 at 21:56

This game was given free with purchases of Guitar Hero 5 in the States and they expect us to pay full price here in the UK?? As you say £20 is a great price for this because, having played it, it isn't worth more than that!!


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