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Guitar Hero: World Tour (Solus) £7.99 @ HMV [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Guitar Hero: World Tour (Solus) £7.99 @ HMV [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

One good thing about Activision seemingly releasing a Guitar Hero game every time Bobby Kotick turns around is that if you trail along at the back of line the previous instalment soon comes tumbling down in price. Thanks to the recent release of Guitar Hero 5, World Tour has found its way into the bargain bins of games retailers. Or at least it would have done if anyone had any left in stock.

Thankfully HMV do and, along with a whole host of other deals they've got going on over the next week or so, have dropped both the PS3 and Xbox versions of Guitar Hero: World Tour to just £7.99, a whopping £17 less than the nearest in-stock competitor if you're a PS3 owner (ShopTo - £24.99), and a tenner if you own an Xbox 360 (also ShopTo - £17.95).

World Tour introduced a number of new aspects into the Guitar Hero franchise, the main one being that it's the first GH game to support full band compatibility (although as this deal is just for the game you'll still have to hunt around for some plastic peripherals). Slide notes were introduced too: notes that can either be played using the new controller's neck touch pad, or hammering on the normal buttons as before.

It's a shame really that Activision went down this path, although I can understand why they did. You see Rock Band does ealmost verything in game so much better than this. The guitar work on this game is much better admittedly (it is called Guitar Hero after all): you genuinely feel like a six-stringed god if you can pull off some of the harder riffs, and the timing system is reminiscent of the relaxed and fluid GH3 rather than the punitive system of earlier instalments.

But other than the guitar, it just doesn't sit terribly well. The freestyle drum bits are nowhere near as satisfying as on RB, and there's nothing to parallel the teamwork aspect of Harmonix splinter series either. You can't save your band mates, Career Mode is just a series of gigs with little more than the star system to keep you occupied (maybe that's just me - I liked collecting fans in RB), the menus are horrifically fiddly in comparison to Guitar Hero 5 and the setlist is pretty poor really.

The peripherals for Guitar Hero: World Tour are leaps and bounds ahead of those of Rock Band: the guitar actually works and feels pretty robust, for example. You can beat the hell out of the drums, believe me, I've tried! But considering this deal is for the game only version that's somewhat beside the point. There's nothing here to rival going head to head with The Devil or Slash as in Guitar Hero 3, and after having songs like 'Freebird', 'Bark At The Moon' and 'Highway Star' as finishing numbers I couldn't help but be utterly disappointed come the end of the game even though I love the band in question.

My tip? Check the setlist. For £8 you get a massive number of songs, and if you like enough of them then this is definitely worth your time. In fact if I didn't own it already, I'd probably pick it up regardless for £8 because there is some fun to be had out of it. It's a harder game than Rock Band and its successor, but it's much less fun and sometimes a bit of a grind.Guitar Hero: World Tour (Solus) £7.99 @ HMV [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

Thanks to whizzkid at HotUKDeals

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OWEN  Dec. 18, 2009 at 18:05

Yesterday in HMV in Piccadilly circus I bought Wii drums, metallica wii game with guitar and wii guitar hero world tour for £60!

The drums where £30, the game and guitar where £30 and they did a deal where you buy both and get the World Tour game free. The game has promo written on it

Very happy with that deal

Alix  Dec. 19, 2009 at 23:39

Very good price.
I want to buy but because of being in Turkey, I am not able to order.
HMV does not ship to Istanbul/Turkey.

I wonder if anybody in UK can order it to himself/herself and then send it to me? I accept to pay the price of the game + shipping to Turkey + 1-2 pound commission for this favor if the friend ordering the game for me wants me to do. I can pay via paypal.

I can also buy World tour guitar bundle if anybody accepts what i offer :)



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