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More Hacker Woe Imminent For Sony?

Matt Gardner
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More Hacker Woe Imminent For Sony?

The hacker group that successfully managed to worm its way into PBS and, amongst other nefarious activities, publish a mildly amusing story on how Tupac and Biggie had been found alive, living together in New Zealand, has sworn to target Sony next.

Hacker group LulzSec have announced plans to target the Japanese electronics giant, with their mission neatly encapsulated in a single hashtag: #Sownage (Sony + ownage).

LulzSec tweeted the following in the midst of their PBS infiltration:

We’re working on another Sony operation. We’ve condensed all our excited tweets into this one: this is the beginning of the end for Sony.

It isn't yet, LulzSec - a defined group who distanced themselves from the ideological Anonymous umbrella - acknowledged that they were a bit late according to their own schedule, and suggested they'd simply been having too much fun with PBS to get straight to Sony, but that it was coming.

Sony happens when Sony happens - we're celebrating our victory right now. The fun will never stop!

They tweeted a couple of hours ago to say that the operation was underway.

Hey @Sony, you know we're making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven't even noticed? Slow and steady, guys.

We bet they're Halo fans. [via Forbes]

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donttouchthehair  May. 31, 2011 at 14:12

So are these attacks supposed to upset/annoy Sony or the countless millions of people that have bought a PS3 irrespective of their ideological standpoint?

Matthew  May. 31, 2011 at 14:16

I *think* they are, in fact, what we in the profession call 'for the lulz'.

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