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Hail to the king of shooters: UT99 only £1.49 at GOG.com

Jonathan Lester
Epic Games, FPS, PC, PC games, Unreal Tournament, UT99

Hail to the king of shooters: UT99 only £1.49 at GOG.com

Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition | GOG | £1.49 (save £4.50)
PWNCAST: The Best Multiplayer FPS Ever

Unreal Tournament is the best multiplayer FPS ever made. Ever. Ever.

Epic Games' superb shooter is still the benchmark for online multiplayer, featuring an extraordinarily enormous selection of the best maps ever made, the best guns of all time, loads of mutators, a bountiful cornucopia of modes (most of which laid the foundations of the games we play today) and even a fabulous singleplayer campaign. Not to mention more than a decade of fantastic mods and user-generated content. It's superb, a skill-based arena that you can play on your terms and a game for the ages. The GOTY Edition is only £1.49 at GOG.com, so you don't have to take our word for it.

HOWEVER, I assume that the impending GameSpy shutdown is going to cripple its server list, so you might need to swap some IP addresses or organise some LAN events if modders can't cobble something together...

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Quietus  Apr. 15, 2014 at 19:55

If the servers do go down, you could always make do with some of the available mods that make the bots much better.


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