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Half Life Remake Black Mesa Source Finally Dated

Carl Phillips
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Half Life Remake Black Mesa Source Finally Dated

Fan Project To Release September 14th

In a move that no-one was actually expecting, the makers of the long-awaited fan-made project Black Mesa Source have updated their website, placing a countdown in the faces of anyone who visits. After several years of development, the unofficial remake of Half Life will be released later this month.

In a post made on their official forums, project leader Carlos Montero revealed that the initial release will “provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience” that will have players taking the revamped journey of Gordon Freeman up to the Lambda Core. The bouncy journey in Xen, which is being expanded into a game “in its own right”, will not feature in this release, but Montero assured the community that the team were still “working hard” on the grand finale for their project.

The project, which has been a long time coming, was born in response to Valve’s release of Half Life 1 in the Source engine without upgrading any of the assets for the game. Because of this, the entirety of Black Mesa Source has had to implement original levels whilst keeping to the original story. The project will be playable by anyone who owns a Source-powered game on Steam.

We here at Dealspwn have been looking forward to this one, and will no doubt have an analysis of the long awaited mod when it releases later this month, so watch this space. You can head over to the official site to stare at the countdown timer by hitting the link here.

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