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[False Alarm] Half-Life 3 Appears In Official Gamescom Title List

Jonathan Lester
Gamescom 2012, Half-Life 3, Rumour, Valve

[False Alarm] Half-Life 3 Appears In Official Gamescom Title List

Half-Life 3 has popped up in an PDF list of exhibitors and games published by the organisers, along with Dragon Age III from BioWare.

I don't want to get your hopes up. I really don't. More than likely this is either a mistake or a placeholder, so don't get too excited just yet.

But... damn. Could Gamescom 2012 herald the reveal we've all been waiting for?

Update: Valve has spoken out to squash this rumour, telling Lambda Generation that "we will have the Steam team there to meet with developers and publishers. No game showing planned." False alarm.

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player2k13  Aug. 14, 2012 at 14:21

Damn,that was so close yet so far


musicrabbie  Aug. 14, 2012 at 15:07

"No game showing planned." Doesn't mean they cannot TALK about it (whatever "it" may be).


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