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Halo 2 £8.95 (Using Voucher) @ The Game Collection [PC Game]

Felix Kemp
First person shooter, Halo, PC games

Halo 2 £8.95 (Using Voucher) @ The Game Collection [PC Game]

If you’re new to the Halo series, due to an extended period of time beneath an immovable rock, Halo 2 on the PC can be bought from The Game Collection for only £8.95 if you input the promotional code STUDENT10%!

The Game Collection’s offer for Halo 2 offers a massive saving of fifteen-pounds! You aren’t required to actually be a student for the discount to qualify, either. Halo 2 etched a landmark into the video-game landscape upon release, with the game’s public reception and sales rivalling that of a Hollywood film. The PC version is rated lower than its Xbox counterpart, averaging a 72/100 on MetaCritic, with Game Zone praising it as “one of the most exciting experiences in the gaming world”.

A direct sequel, Halo 2 sees the Master Chief, a genetically-engineered soldier and supposed sole survivor of the Spartans, return to Earth following his sojourn on the Halo ring, an alien artifact built by a long-extinct species. The Covenant has discovered the location of Earth, and seeks to claim it as their own. The Master Chief and the entire UNSC army muster on the war-torn streets of New Mombasa, in preparation for humanity’s final stand.

Despite its success, Halo 2 angered many a fan, eschewing the pseudo-sandbox nature or the original in favour of funneling the Chief into tighter, smaller encounters. Also, the much-proclaimed ‘Final Stand’ ultimately became a ‘Few Steps’, before the plot jumps to another Halo ring. Avoiding any spoilers, Halo 2’s climax is synonymous with disappointment.

However, developers Bungie are no hacks, and the Halo formula was vastly improved. The Chief can now dual-wield weapons, although they must be light enough to heft with one arm. New weapons feature, such as the Battle Rifle and coveted Energy Sword. The multiplayer was also updated, and proved to be the online success Xbox Live so desperately craved, appeasing those fans disappointed by the campaign.

Thanks to dontdothatagain from HotUkDeals.

Halo 2 £8.95 (Using Voucher) @ The Game Collection [PC Game]

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John  Aug. 5, 2009 at 13:30

The Masterchief isn't genetically engineered (nor were any of the spartans) and he's never meant to be the sole survivor either at this point, another team of Spartans were in operation on Earth at the same time as well as other locations (ignoring the mk III Spartans). Halo was built by humans, not aliens and the Covenant haven't discovered earth nor do they try to claim it, instead they were looking for forerunner artifacts and after accidentally coming across the UNSC they chose to run. Virtually none of the UNSC is present in the game as they were deployed further out, hence the defence is carried out by the orbital MAC guns and there's few UNSC vessels with In Amber Clad being such a small ship, rather than the serious UNSC firepower.

I guess Halo 2 is another game too small to have been worth playing...either way I don't think it's worth the money, better to buy the Xbox version and slap it on the 360 as it was a poor port.

lumoruk  Aug. 6, 2009 at 16:22

Isn't that picture from Halo 3?


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