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More Halo 4 Details Emerge: 10 New Weapons, 10 New Maps, 50 Free Spartan Ops Missions

Matt Gardner
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More Halo 4 Details Emerge: 10 New Weapons, 10 New Maps, 50 Free Spartan Ops Missions

Microsoft have revealed some more tidbits regarding Halo 4, with a new retailer quiz confiming that the 343 Industries title will bring 10 new weapons to the table, new vehicles, and 50 Spartan Ops free DLC missions per season.

A Microsoft ExpertZone quiz highlighted that there'll be 10 new weapons in Halo 4. We've already seen two of them - Forerunner weapons the Light Rifle and the Scattershot were both shown at Microsoft's E3 presser.

The reveal also confirmed that there'll be two new vehicles "plus many of your favourites from the past". I imagine we'll still be able to romp around in a Warthog, but for now the two new vehicles are still under lock and key.

When it comes to online play, the reveal stated that there'll be "improved accessibility and approachability", 10 new maps, career progression and specialisations, new multiplayer game modes, the ability to drop in and out of matches, and "improved support to create, organise, and track groups". Could this mean clan support? We'll have to wait and see.

Elsewhere, more beans were spilled regarding Spartan Ops (SpOps? Sparps? SpartOps?), with the quiz stating that season one of the DLC service will run across 10 weeks, with 5 missions available each week, and that season one will be completely free.

"How many games give you free DLC for 10 weeks?" ran the blurb. "It's like getting two campaigns with one game!"

Check out the quiz's slides over at Little English Halo Blog.

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