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Halo 4: Focus Testing Nixed Sci-Fi Weapons

Matt Gardner
343 Industries, Halo 4, Weapons, Xbox 360 games

Halo 4: Focus Testing Nixed Sci-Fi Weapons

We sometimes complain about how weapons in games are often rather unimaginative. As it turns out, there's a good reason for this: apparently we just don't like new and original things.

According to 343i's creative director, Josh Holmes, Halo 4 could have seen more "sci-fi" weapons such as a stasis gun or grapple harpoon, but apparently testing showed that no-one really wanted a deep sci-fi experience.

"When we started out, I was really pushing the team to go in a very sci-fi direction," Holmes told assembled folk at GDC [via Shacknews]. "I wanted to embrace the sci-fi nature of the enemies and explore concepts that were outside the box for Halo, things that you'd never seen before in the Halo sandbox.

"What we found as we were testing these weapons with players, the really deep sci-fi approach wasn't relatable. As a result, they weren't really gravitating to these weapons."

"It really sucks when you're making new weapons and no one wants to use them," Holmes added.

He went on to make the point that making weapons relatable eases the learning curve of the game for players, but even so, we can't help but feel a little saddened by all of this.


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DivideByZero  Apr. 2, 2013 at 12:15

What? That's bull crap.

When Halo came out and you could pick up the pink hedgehog gun... that was freaking awesome.

When the gravity axe appeared... also epic.

If testers didn't like the new weapons, perhaps they were crap. New doesn't equal better on principle.


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