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Halo 4 Multiplayer Specialisations Detailed: Beyond Level 50

Jonathan Lester
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Halo 4 Multiplayer Specialisations Detailed: Beyond Level 50

343 Industries has detailed how Halo 4's multiplayer specialisations will work: once players hit level 50, they'll be able to choose from one of eight specialisations (think mini-classes), each of which comes with its own cosmetic armour sets, unique mods, visor colours and emblems. We'll need to rank them up and unlock their gear before choosing another.

However, there's a catch. Only two specialisations will be available to players who buy the standard edition, with the other six come with the limited edition or as pre-order bonuses. They'll predictably also be available through DLC post-launch.

With eight Specialisations in Halo 4, you can achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career once you progress beyond level 50. As you level up through these dedicated paths, you will earn a bristling arsenal of combat-enhancing armour mods that provide even more options to customise your Spartan-IV to fit your preferred role on the battlefield. In addition, armour sets, emblems, visor colours, weapon and armour skins unique to each Specialisation distinguish your Spartan-IV from other players in Halo Infinity Multiplayer.

Here are the abridged details courtesy of Halo Waypoint:

  • Wetwork - Stealth-heavy class focuses on moving quickly and silently
  • Pioneer - Optimised for quickly accruing XP from multiplayer matches
  • Engineer - Can detect the location and contents of ordinance drops
  • Tracker - Requisition armour mod allows users to recall their ordnance requests for a chance to receive more helpful weapons
  • Rogue - Stability armour mod grants decreased weapon kick at range
  • Stalker - Nemesis armour mod highlights all enemies that attack or kill you, allowing for swift vengeance
  • Pathfinder - Turret master: improved Warthog turret cooldown and turret carry speed
  • Operator - Wheelman armour mod increases vehicle durability

Two Specialisations – Wetwork and Pioneer – will be available to all players when Halo 4 launches on 6 November. The remaining six Specialisations are available by pre-ordering the standard Halo 4 game from GAME and Gamestation. Alternatively, all eight Specialisations are included in the “Halo 4” Limited Edition (£69.99 ERP).

As you'd expect, all Specialisations will gradually be made available to download through Xbox LIVE in the months following launch.

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