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New Halo 4 Trailer Accidentally Leaks Major Script Details?

Jonathan Lester
343 Industries, Halo 4, Leak, trailer

New Halo 4 Trailer Accidentally Leaks Major Script Details?

Ooh, this is effectively two news stories in one. Not only have 343 Industries released a new trailer showcasing Halo 4's acting and motion-capture talent, but it appears that an important segment of the script is plainly visible. The final confrontation, no less. Though we've got a handful of salt ready, we've got both the trailer and analysis after the jump.

The Halo 4: A Hero Awakens trailer can be viewed over at Halo Waypoint, or via the embed below courtesy of Gamespot.

Thus ends the spoiler free portion of the proceedings.

The observant folks over at NeoGAF have managed to transcribe several pages of the script (seen suspiciously open during the trailer), which we've spoileriffically included below:

NB: The Didact is apparently an incredibly ancient Forerunner who held a position of power within their hierarchy.

  • “In that case, you won’t mind…” Cortana appears behind the Didact.
  • at all of the Cortanas emerging from the Bridge
  • “Compassion for mankind is misplaced.” – Didact
  • “I’m not doing this for mankind.” Chief then charges the Didact.
  • Rushes towards Didact and jumps all over him (legs, arms, chest, back)
  • Several takes of “Cortana” tackling and climbing on random objects at full speed.
  • Didact is attacked by Cortana. He attempts to swat at Cortana as a means of self defence.
  • Didact unclenches his fist and drops Chief.
  • Cortana begins restraining Didact by constraining his limbs to the Bridge.
  • Several takes of “Cortana” climbing on “Didact” actor and then…
  • a specific body part (head, back, waist, knees, ebows, shoulders)
  • Didact struggle idle.
  • Chief is released
  • Chief immobilised pose
  • Chief falls, lands on edge
  • Chief hanging idle

Bungie are well-known for leaving nothing to chance; embedding almost every game, release and facet of their community with numerological references, hidden secrets and even entire levels tucked away within their missives - even during the Marathon days. It's likely that 343 Industries have inherited some of their game-playing skills, so be aware that this may be a red herring or even the beginning of an ARG... or, perhaps, I'm giving them too much credit.

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