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Halo 4 Update To Tweak Weapon Damage

Jonathan Lester
343 Industries, Halo 4, multiplayer, Patch, Update, Xbox 360 games

Halo 4 Update To Tweak Weapon Damage

343 Industries are working on a new Halo 4 patch to re-balance several loadout weapons, in order to make them slightly more powerful and situational.

“Looking at the DMR,” explains a recent post on Halo Waypoint, “we currently feel that the kill time should remain unchanged, as the weapon has become a clear favorite amongst the community due to its reliability and consistency. So tuning the Battle Rifle, LightRifle and Carbine against this weapon presented quite a challenge.”

343 feels that the Battle Rifle is slightly outmatched by the DMR at mid range, so are looking to reduce its kill time by upping its damage and reducing fire rate, resulting in a kill after four bursts so long as you're deadly accurate. The Light Rifle's scope range will be brought up to match the DMR, while the Carbine's kill time may also be reduced to 7 shots rather than 8.

In terms of automatic weapons, 343i are considering buffing the Warthog turret, Assault Rifle, Storm Rifle, Surpressor and Mantis machine gun. "These changes have sped up the kill times of some of these weapons, which will provide a faster overall Halo 4 competitive War Games experience," concludes the post.

None of these tweaks have been finalised yet, so let us - and more importantly, 343 - know what you think.

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DivideByZero  Apr. 18, 2013 at 12:26

Finally started playing Halo 4 last night as it goes. Oh.. My... GOD!!! What an awesome game.

Just wish this was on PC. The jaw breaking cut-scenes and incredible audio are slightly let down by the in game graphics on a 7 year old console... but not a lot.

Wish I had took it out the wrapper when I got it last year now.

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