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Halo Anniversary's Kinect Mechanics Unveiled

Felix Kemp
343 Industries, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, Kinect

Halo Anniversary's Kinect Mechanics Unveiled

Shout "Grenade" For... Grenades

When I sat in on the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition developer session at GamesCom back in August, 343 unveiled the new 3D tech included in the remake, but promised bigger plans were in store. Ever since the game was announced, Microsoft has long promised it wouldn't simply be a rehashed port with HD visuals. It's much more than that. Well, they've finally revealed their last hand; Kinect support. Halo is about to become a lot more vocal.

First up, with a Kinect sensor and a copy of Anniversary Edition - out next month - by pointing the on-screen reticule at items of interest such as weapons, enemies, allies and vehicles and uttering the prompt "scan", Kinect will - you guessed it - scan the object in question and send it to the 'Library'. No, not the much-maligned Flood gauntlet in the campaign, but a repository of knowledge where you use gesture controls to swipe through all the amassed data.

Kinect also features into the gunplay, where you can shout "grenade" to hurl grenades, or "reload" to paint an elaborate sketch of the Forerunner architecture - I mean reload. Furthermore, you can switch between the classic and HD visuals on the fly by shouting the appropriate prompt at the sensor.

All in all, Microsoft appear to be playing it safe here with Kinect controls in Halo HD. It's nothing special or surprising, but neither does it sound too taxing or intrusive. The Library sounds fun, especially for ardent Halo fans who devour every thread of lore available, and being able to shout for grenades sounds like its good for a few laughs, too. [IGN]



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