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Halo Co-Creator: Halo "Would Have Been Better" If Made Today

Jonathan Lester
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Halo Co-Creator: Halo "Would Have Been Better" If Made Today

Halo co-creator Jason Jones reckons that the seminal Xbox shooter would have been a better game if made today with modern technology and design.

“I’m not sure how much different it would have been. I think it would have been better. We would have done things a little bit different,” he told IGN during a wide-ranging interview. “Certainly knowing what I do now from the experience, I would change a few things.”

“I’d change the pistol,” he posited, suggesting that the infamous 3-shot pistol was implemented at the last minute. He stands by the decision, but reckons that it should have been made much sooner during the development cycle.

“There was a moment towards the end of Halo 1 where we were very close to locking down, he explained. "The balance on the pistol was such that both in the competitive game, but also in the solo game, it wasn’t where we wanted it to be.

“We didn’t feel comfortable actually changing the data anymore. The game was so locked down that when you changed a piece of data, gigabytes of crap had to be reprocessed. What we did feel comfortable doing was changing the code, and so I added code specifically, when the map was loaded, to change a single number on the pistol.”

“Rather than do that change at the last minute, I would have made that change a lot earlier,” he concluded.

We're not convinced that Halo would have been a better game if made today, to be honest. Bereft of QTEs and hand-holding, the original game wowed audiences back in the day with its freeform approach to vehicles and weapons; allowing us to adapt to the AI and each situation in totally different ways. As we saw in Halo 4's gorgeous if railroaded campaign, games have gotten much narrower in scope and less open to letting us engage on our own terms - if prettier. Where were the massive arenas with dozens of troops and tanks a la Two Betrayals? They don't make 'em like they used to.

What do you reckon?

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dandoc2  Jul. 8, 2013 at 21:54

Well obviously and so would PONG


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