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Halo E3: Spencer Downplays Talk Of Halo 5

Matt Gardner
343 Industries, Halo 2: Anniversary Edition, Halo 5, Phil Spencer, Xbox One Games

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has poured a little water on the rumours that Master Chief's appearance at E3 might have been a teaser for Halo 5, clarifying the lack of a number or subtitle for the mini reveal that premiered at Microsoft's E3 press conference.

“There was no ambiguity in not putting a number after the game," Spencer told IGN. "For me, what we showed wasn’t the game. Nobody should be confused on that.

“I didn’t really want to try to show something that was clearly a thought piece by the studio around where Master Chief is in his journey, and then drop the name after it and be somewhat disingenuous about that being the game.

“But I did want Bonnie to come out and say, ‘First-person shooter. Master Chief. Because they’ll get the questions – ‘Hey, is this ODST? What are you guys doing?’ Bonnie comes out and reaffirms that 343 is building this game. It’s Master Chief. It’s a first-person shooter at 60 frames per second. It’s coming in 2014.”

To be honest, there are so many places that Microsoft and 343 can go with the Halo universe, it's not surprising that they're just dealing in unambiguous certainties at this point: Halo, Master Chief, 60 FPS, 2014. Boom.

But they are also looking at the prospect of resurrecting Halo 2 in the same manner as they did the first game.

“I’ll be open," continued Spencer. "We have discussions about [Halo 2: Anniversary]. It’s more about the right time and making sure that we really would do the right thing for the franchise.

“The Halo Anniversary that we did was as much about the launch of the first Xbox as well. It was a culmination of many things coming together. It would probably run out of steam if we were trying to think about, ‘Okay, what’s 10 years old now?’ It’s definitely more from the game itself, the experience that we’re able to bring to market. Less about ‘Is the last digit a zero?’ in terms of its anniversary.”

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