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From "Different" Assassin's Creed to Halo Reach Credits - News Roundup 27th March 2010

Jonathan Lester
Assassin's Creed, DSi XL, Halo Reach
Halo: Reach

DSi XL Makes You Buy Your Games Again

From "Different" Assassin's Creed to Halo Reach Credits - News Roundup 27th March 2010

The DSi XL is a nifty piece of kit... but if you've already invested in some DSiWare then you'll be in for a nasty surprise. Previously-downloaded games cannot be transferred to from a DSi to an XL- simply put, we have to choose between bigger screens or retaining our game library.

This is a shockingly inconsiderate state of affairs- considering that almost every other distribution platform allows purchased titles to be transferred to newer models. Hell, even the iPhone does. Hopefully this will be rectified with a firmware update. [Kotaku]

Halo Reach Customisation Revealed

From "Different" Assassin's Creed to Halo Reach Credits - News Roundup 27th March 2010

Bungie has finally spilled the beans about the revamped customisation, ranking and trueskill system that we'll be able to try out in the Halo Reach Beta. There's a lot of information in their latest weekly update, so I'll sum it up as best I can.

Cosmetic customisable armour makes a welcome return, but armour pieces are will unlocked by collecting Credits both in singleplayer and online. They're basically akin to scalable achievements and challenges (think Modern Warfare/Bad Company), with a commensurate reward that can be spent on chest plates, shoulder pads and helmets. Winning games, completing mission objectives and fulfilling weapon-based "commendations" will all win you muy dinero, with multiplayer victories apparently being the "significant source of earning credits".

Oh, and experience system? Gone. Trueskill is now the only governing factor that decides matchmaking rivals. Whilst it's always fun to level up and rise through the ranks, many Halo players simply plateaued after reaching a certain level (I've been a captain for years now). Rank is now completely divorced from the trueskill rating, which should make for more organic player promotion rather than a desperate race to 50.

We can't wait to get stuck into the beta on May 3rd! [Bungie]

"Whole Different" Assassin's Creed was Cancelled

From "Different" Assassin's Creed to Halo Reach Credits - News Roundup 27th March 2010

In an interview with 1UP, former Ubisoft Art Director Jonathan Jaques-Belletete stated that a substantially different Assassin's Creed game was being developed simultaneously with AC2. It's since been cancelled, but the small development team was apparently cooking up something very special indeed.

"It had a whole different story, with whole different environments and enemies and everything, and it was really cool."- Jaques-Belletete

Whilst this doesn't give much away, I personally surmise that this was the "futuristic" Assassin's Creed that the first game hinted at. It's likely that Ubisoft has delayed this project in order to launch it as a full sequel. [1UP]

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