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From Halo: Reach's Leak to Sky Player's Rollout - News Roundup November 9th

Marius Goubert
Halo, Modern Warfare, Sky

In today’s news roundup we take a look at the latest online furor over leaked footage of HALO: REACH. We hear from Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling and the reason why PC owners won’t be playing Modern Warfare 2 early, even if their copy has already turned up in the post. Lastly, we bring news of Sky and Microsoft’s re-launch of SkyPlayer for the Xbox 360, but will it work and is it worth it?


From Halo: Reach's Leak to Sky Player's Rollout - News Roundup November 9th

In yet another high profile leak, details regarding Microsoft’s latest addition to the sci-fi shooter HALO – out 2010 – have been released via the The Major League Gaming Forums. Detailed screens posted by user Tom MoReLLo have set the internet ablaze with rumours and speculation as they appear to show an early, incomplete build of HALO: REACH. Having assessed the footage, many game journalists are arguing it’s ‘too specific’ to be fake, adding that the mission and setting portrayed are a perfect tie in with the first Halo novel: The Fall of Reach.

The majority of the in game footage depicts traditional Halo land battles but one sequence in particular has fuelled rumours that the game will feature space combat. In addition, it looks like HALO: REACH will have various search and rescue missions, stealth style sniper missions, and also a new carbine which fires explosive needles into opponents. In response to the story, a Microsoft representative stated: ‘Microsoft does not comment on rumours or speculation…’ so, although they’re not giving anything away, so far at least, they’re not denying it… [Gamespot]

PC MW: 2 Unplayable Until 10th November

From Halo: Reach's Leak to Sky Player's Rollout - News Roundup November 9th

A few customers who pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 have been lucky enough to receive their copy several days before the official release date. Worried that consumers might not receive their pre-ordered items on time, many companies have been dispatching them well in advance – sometimes as much as five days – thanks to the current Royal Mail strikes. However although this is great news for anyone who bought an Xbox 360 or PS3 version of MW: 2, those who purchased the game on PC will have to wait until Tuesday 10th of November before their copy can be registered on Steam. So if your PC version has turned up prematurely, you’ll have to hold out a little longer to satisfy that itchy trigger finger… [1up]

Sky Player Rollout

From Halo: Reach's Leak to Sky Player's Rollout - News Roundup November 9th

Microsoft’s decision to start rolling out Sky on the Xbox 360 might have backfired back in October – with the service ‘crippled by unexpected demand’ – but in a recent statement Microsoft announced that Sky Player is now open to ‘100% of the Xbox Base’. Sky Player will enable users to watch Sky Television via their consoles with access to premier league football on Sky Sports and various movie channels -  so you need never leave the comfort of your bedroom. Microsoft said they were working closely with Sky in order to make sure Sky Player is of the highest possible quality and will continue running tests to closely monitor the service as it’s rolled out over the coming weeks. [Inc Gamers]

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Dunfyboy  Nov. 9, 2009 at 18:46

I could be wrong, but I think to watch footy & films on Sky Player on a PC you need to have a multiroom package. Having the sports or movies package isn't enough anymore. Is it the same on the 360?

Bullet  Nov. 9, 2009 at 19:02

u just need to have the unlimited broadband package or multi room to get free sky, u obviously need to have sports or movies on your main sky box before you get to watch it on your Xbox.


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