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Halo Wars £14.98 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Halo Wars £14.98 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Game]

Control entire UNSC armies against the purple and blue might of the Covenant, in Halo Wars, available from Shopto.net for just £14.98! Delivery’s free, too.

According to a price-comparison, Game Station’s deal for Halo Wars is the cheapest you can find, offering a saving of almost three-pounds! Developed by Age of Empire’s developer, Ensemble, Halo Wars was developed exclusively for the Xbox 360, in an attempt to successfully translate the RTS genre to consoles. It wasn’t as successful as its FPS cousins, but Halo Wars averaged an 82/100 on MetaCritic, with GameShark awarding it a perfect score and stating, “In the end Halo Wars just plain works, and is a huge step in the development of real time strategy gaming on the consoles”.

Halo Wars is a departure from the original games, especially in its story. Switching focus from the Master Chief to the UNSC vessel, Spirit of Fire, Halo Wars chronicles our earliest encounters with the Covenant. The plot follows several key characters, from Sergeant Forge to Admiral Cutter, and is presented via in-game scenes and gorgeous computer-generated portions.

Halo Wars was developed by Ensemble, a darling among the RTS crowd. According to them, the story and general campaign for Halo Wars wasn’t even considered until they’d perfected the controls on a console controller. You can imagine the difficulty, translating the myriad of orders from the multifaceted keyboard to the relatively simple layout of a controller.

It’s difficult to judge Ensemble’s effort, as they were almost destined to fail in a perfect conversion. The controls are, however, the easiest and most intuitive on consoles, with the A button managing most of the selection problems. Tapping it selects individuals, holding it expands a radius. You can flit from platoon to platoon via a single button, and the game maintains a decent frame rate.

Thanks for the info Worisu!

Halo Wars £14.98 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Game]

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Worisu  Aug. 17, 2009 at 10:30

£14.98 at shopto.net


Emma Kelly  Aug. 17, 2009 at 14:30

Good find Worisu! That doesn't seem to come up in the price comparison engines. I'm going to update the post - thanks!


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