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Persona 5 Officially Announced As PS3 Exclusive

Jonathan Lester
Atlus, Persona 5, PS3, PS3 games

After what feels like an eternity, Atlus has officially revealed that Persona 5 is in full development and headed exclusively to PS3.


We'll likely have to wait a while for the next iteration of the legendary JRPG series to arrive on UK shores, mind, considering that it's slated to release next Winter in Japan. Atlus games tend to take an age to secure European distribution. Perhaps we won't have to put next-gen on hold after all.

This move is highly reminiscent of Persona 4 releasing on PS2 instead of PS3 - Atlus doesn't play by anyone else's rules. Hopefully Sony will have brought Gaikai games streaming to European PS4s by 2015...

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Realhoneyman  Nov. 24, 2013 at 17:11

Having the official confirmation will please many of the series' fans. Winter '14 doesn't seem like an aeon away either so that's good, plus we'll get some promo trailers leading up to the game's release anyhow.

Part of me wishes it was coming to PS4 but I can understand why Atlus would release the game on the PS3, installed user base and things like that.

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