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Happy Birthday, Sonic & Quake!

Jonathan Lester
id Software, Quake, Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog

Happy Birthday, Sonic & Quake!

Put on your party hats, bring a bottle and ruddy well celebrate, gamers, because two of our favourite franchises are celebrating important birthdays today.

First up is Sonic The Hedgehog. SEGA's blue bomber is now 20 years old (having given us two decades of stalwart service and admittedly mixed reception over the last few years). To celebrate, a Sonic Generations demo will be hitting the PSN later today along with a host of Sonic download deals. Hooray!

But don't pass out in the chocolate fountain just yet, dear readers, because id Software's classic shooter Quake is now 15 years of age! Christ, I feel old. Head over to the Bethesda Blog for a quick speech from the legendary legend John Carmack himself. Huzzah!

We're firmly convinced that the two franchises should collaborate and make the most bizarre crossover of all time. Please feel free to drop any potential ideas into the comments below, where we will summarily patent them. Or, more importantly, join us in wishing Sonic and Quake a very happy birthday!

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Matt Gardner  Jun. 23, 2011 at 15:27

Actually really quite excited for Sonic Generations. They've absolutely nailed the classic bits - a perfect synthesis of retro gameplay with a few modern touches - and the modern Sonic stuff strikes a nice balance, though more hands-on time is really required.

Still pretty psyched.


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