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Happy Spartan Ops Day Everybody! Episode 2 - Artifact Releases Today

Matt Gardner
343 Industries, FPS games, Halo 4, Microsoft Studios, Spartan Ops, Spartan Ops: Episode 2, Xbox 360 games

It looks like every Monday for the next ten weeks is set to be Spartan Ops Day, and that makes us very excited indeed. 343 Industries are to supplement Halo 4 with a new episode (containing five bitesized chapters of gameplay) every Monday for the next couple of months.

Episode 2 - named "Artifact" - releases today, no doubt dealing with the strange item that Crimson fought so hard to protect at the end of Episode 1.

We gave Halo 4 a big, fat 9/10 in our review, calling it "devilishly addictive, perfectly balanced, and [...] the most fun we've had with a shooter in a long time."

Get stuck in, Spartans!

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JonLester  Nov. 12, 2012 at 13:29

We're set to come out swinging. Touch down, hit it Marines!

Can't get enough of this mode - or at least, the opportunity of exploring tasty little parcels of cooperative fun every single week. It's like avidly following a sitcom or drama, only you can play it. With your mates.

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