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From Bulletstorm Cartoon Violence to Guitar Hero 6 - News Roundup 16th May 2010

Jonathan Lester
Analyst Predictions, Bulletstorm, Games news, Guitar Hero 6

Playable Celebs Dropped From Guitar Hero 6...

From Bulletstorm Cartoon Violence to Guitar Hero 6 - News Roundup 16th May 2010

The Guitar Hero franchise has been circling the drain throughout 2009 thanks to Activision's over-saturation of its own marketplace, and it looks like the next iteration is going to have to make a few sacrifices. According to the latest intel from OXM, Guitar Hero 6 won't allow you to play as any celebrity rockers, though Lars Ulrich and Gene Simmons will apparently be making a guest appearance.

However, Guitar Hero 6 is apparently going to take a leaner and meaner approach to rocking out this time around. Gene will be fronting the new "Quest Mode," where the player will be able to travel the globe and 'recruit' famous stars to unlock their setlists. Basic RPG elements will also possibly be making an appearance, with character skills able to increase star power multipliers and streaks.

Queen, Black Sabbath and KISS (well, obviously) have been confirmed for the new setlist, and GH6 has been confirmed to support DLC from previous titles. There'll also be a much tighter focus on Rock & Roll rather than the crappy nu-metal and random Spanish stuff that's been creeping into the setlists recently.

Frankly, I couldn't be happier with the news- anything that brings the Grim Ripper and the classic rock back to Guitar Hero is fine in my book. We reckon that GH6 will be rocking out this holiday season. [1UP]

Bulletstorm will be a "Cartoon" rather than "Snuff Movie"

From Bulletstorm Cartoon Violence to Guitar Hero 6 - News Roundup 16th May 2010

Bulletstorm, the upcoming shooter from People Can Fly and Epic, is going to be very, very violent. There's gonna be buckets of blood, severed limbs and disfigured bleeding ragdolls sailing merrily all over the place. Apparently, one of the weapons is even going to let us get "surgical" with our kills... groovy.

Hold up, though. Before you grab your bible and pitchfork and march on EPIC's North Carolina headquarters, CEO Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski would like to assure us that Bulletstorm's violence is going to remind us of Itchy & Scratchy rather than Irreversible.

“I know the violence issue is going to come up, but I challenge your average person to watch the trailer for this game and not giggle. Because the comparison I love to use is … when you see this type of cartoon-y, over-the-top violence it is far more Itchy and Scratchy,it is far more Tom and Jerry, far more Gallaghe smashing a watermelon than it is horrible snuff video.”

Brutal. We'll be able to get our hands on Bulletstorm's cathartic carnage early next year. [MSNBC]

Analyst Prediction Analysis! [Roundup]

From Bulletstorm Cartoon Violence to Guitar Hero 6 - News Roundup 16th May 2010

Slow news day? Not half. Luckily, our friendly neighborhood analysts  are always on hand to state the bleeding obvious and throw out the odd outlandic prediction. It's time to pundit on the pundits!

  • GTA 5 at E3? EEDAR boss Jesse Divnich has predicted that Rockstar will be unveiling the next chapter in the GTA franchise at this year's E3, though it's unlikely that we'll see anything beyond a trailer and a few screenies. [Game Informer]
  • Nintendo 3DS Named and Dated at E3? Divnich also believes that Nintendo's upcoming 3D handheld will receive its official name and release date at this year's E3- and IO wouldn't be surprised if he's right. It's about time that Nintendo blows the lid off this one. [Divnich debrief]
  • Natal and Move to Require a Hardware Update? Michael Pachter predicts that the PS3 and Xbox 360 will require a hardware upgrade to cope with some of Natal and PS Move's requirements. This would mean that a whole new console SKU will need to be rolled out as it's unlikely that Sony and Microsoft will want us to mod their beloved consoles any time soon. I'm personally not convinced that Sony's business plan involves revamping the PS3, but there have been a fair few rumours about a Xbox 360 slim version lately. Maybe there's some truth to this one? [VG247]
  • Pachter: Starcraft II will "Quickly" Sell 4-5 Million Copies. Another classic Pachter prediction. Considering that Starcraft II has been beating preorder records, it doesn't take a premier analyst to predict that it's going to sell quickly. Thanks for that, Pachter. Nice one. [VG247]
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Rubisco  May. 16, 2010 at 18:51

GH6 sounding good, unfortunately it will be the last good GH as Vicarious Visions are taking over from here on in.

Bloody Activision again alienating their talent and replacing it with their shovelware-producing bitches.

John  May. 16, 2010 at 18:58

Frankly the simpler the better in my opinion, I can't be bothered with all the crap they keep adding to this type of game. I just want a list of tracks to choose from and while playing the tracks I don't care about any virtual rockers animated in the background because I'm only looking at what I'm supposed to be playing.


parpparp  May. 17, 2010 at 11:55

They should change Guitar Hero to a subscription based service where they release say 20-30 new songs a month. They could also sell songs individually.



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