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Hard Reset Will Be Updated To Extended Edition For Free

Jonathan Lester
Expansion, Flying Wild Hog, Hard Reset, Hard Reset: Extended Edition

Hard Reset Will Be Updated To Extended Edition For Free

Flying Wild Hog have announced that current owners of Hard Reset (their gloriously old-school cyberpunk FPS) will be rewarded for their loyalty with a free upgrade to the new Extended Edition. If you've got it on Steam, the update will take place automatically next month.

“To show our respect for all the PC gamers who picked up Hard Reset, we decided that the upcoming expansion will be FREE for all those who already own Hard Reset on Steam. The [upgrade] should be available sometime between the last week of April and the first week of May.”

The Extended Edition contains five new levels, a new boss, plenty more enemies and a graphical update amongst other improvements. It released in the US last week.

You can check out our 8/10 Hard Reset review for more details, and if you don't already own it, you can grab a Steam code for peanuts in the last day of the Indie Royale St. Patrick's Day Bundle. Not bad for £3, considering that you'll get a free upgrade.

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