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Hawken: The Indie Mech Shooter Announced

Jonathan Lester
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Explosive Trailer Rocks The Internet

Fed up of waiting for the next Mechwarrior or Armored Core title? Haven't made your mind up about Double Fine's Trenched yet? Well it's not just triple-A studios that can pump out massive mech action. Adhesive Games, a tiny studio with just nine months of development time, have created a gorgeous trailer that's set the internet on fire. Full details of the project - entitled Hawken - below.

After a meagre nine months in development, Hawken is looking mighty fine indeed. The trailer is filmed in-engine, with the slight stuttering and camera wobble demonstrating that there's no CGI to be found. Despite the third person perspective, Adhesive Games assure us that it will be an FPS with a much faster and more responsive control than we're used to from the Mecha genre. There's still plenty of work to be done, but gosh, isn't it pretty?

Hawken is set to deliver multiplayer mech-on mech action in the style of cult Xbox hit Phantom Crash. The enormous vertical arenas (set in an enormous metropolis) should provide for multiple styles of play as well as avenues for attack, ambush and retreat. And sniping, natch.

Adhesive Games are looking to release Hawken on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, which we assume will be a downloadable release. Considering the trailer, I doubt they'll have trouble securing a publisher... but do PSN and XBLA really need another downloadable multiplayer-only shooter? All we know is that we desperately need more mechs in our lives, and we'll be watching this one like a Hawk(en).

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Andrew  Mar. 31, 2011 at 13:37

More footage, this time gameplay

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