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Hawken Moving Into Open Beta on 12/12/12

Matt Gardner
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Hawken Moving Into Open Beta on 12/12/12

Carl has been feverishly waxing lyrical about Hawken since getting to grips with Adhesive and Meteor's free-to-play mech extravaganza, and it seems the game will be emerging from closed beta to provide a more inclusive experience in a matter of days when the open beta kicks off on 12/12/12.


“Open Beta is our chance to implement all the good feedback we’ve gotten from closed beta players on the forums, and deliver the changes the community wants to see," said Adhesive Games co‐founder and lead animator, Chris Lalli. "We have so much more to add to HAWKEN, lots of features, balance changes, and improvements. The Open Beta Event allows us flexibility to roll out these updates in waves, and get instant player feedback that will influence the final version of the game. The community will really have the ability to shape the game and be part of its development.”

To get a taste of what's to come, check out Carl's extensive Hawken preview, and we've got a Hawken Playthrough video for you too.


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