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H.A.W.X. £4.99 @ Comet (when Collected in Store) [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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H.A.W.X. £4.99 @ Comet (when Collected in Store) [Xbox 360 Games]

We don't usually go for collect in store deals... but when there's a saving to be made, it's well worth bringing it to your attention. HAWX, Tom Clancy's take on the flight sim genre, is currently £4.99 when you reserve and collect from a Comet store. Note that the delivery costs will shoot this deal down like a sidewinder missile. Since the GAME group (including Gameplay and Gamestation) are all out of stock, this deal will save you with £9.85 compared to ShopTo, the nearest competitor. Basically, it's not necessarily worth going out of your way to get a £5 saving... but if you live close to a Comet then it's almost certainly worth a look.

As a military flight sim junkie, I was quite surprised by Ubisoft's offering. H.A.W.X. lets us take a wide selection of planes out for a spin- and whilst it firmly adheres to the arcade side of the genre, each plane feels different and nuanced in their own subtle ways. A bizarre third person mode adds some weird depth to the proceedings, though I'd recommend never using it and picking up a decent flight stick to give you the edge.

Don't get me wrong though- H.A.W.X. certainly isn't the best flight sim on the Xbox 360. Short missions, some surprisingly average graphics and a couple of infuriating mission objectives really hamper the experience; though the huge selection of planes more than make up for this in my opinion. The story and setting are frankly hilarious though... and I ardently wish that developers would stop getting the unnecessary urge to make the pilot a pointless, overblown character in their own right. I yearn for the days when I could imagine myself in the cockpit.

Where H.A.W.X. really shines is in multiplayer. Team dogfights with powerups and equipment are tactical, fun and genuinely exciting- be sure to bring a headset unless you've cranked up the Kenny Loggins!

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