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Hearts Of Iron III | £3.75 | Direct2Drive | PC

Jonathan Lester
Paradox Interactive, PC games, Strategy games
Hearts of Iron III | PC
Hearts Of Iron III | £3.75 | Direct2Drive | PC

Hearts Of Iron III is a hardcore World War II real-time strategy outing that will doubtlessly appeal to the niche armchair general audience - but it's worth noting that its slick interface cuts out much of the gruelling micromanagement and makes the experience more accessible than ever before. The meaty (read: beardy) grand strategy core is still intact, mind, and the gameplay focuses on politics and economy as much as the all-important troop deployments and battles. You'll have to put up with a few badly-localised misprints, mind. Direct2Drive has undercut Gamestation's breakthrough price by two quid, making it incredibly affordable in these harsh climes.

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