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Heavenly Sword £6.99 @ HMV [PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
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Heavenly Sword £6.99 @ HMV [PS3 Games]

HMV are currently offering Heavenly Sword for less than half the price that anyone else is asking. The next best price I could find for a retailer with this is stock is £18.96 for the original release version (from Gameseek) and £14.95 for the Platinum (from Shop To). So, if you don't find the purchase of Platinum titles utterly repugnant then you might wanna check out the offer.

The game tells of Nariko, a fierce, flame haired warrior and member of the clan sworn to protect the Heavenly Sword, a blade of the gods which drains the life force of whomsoever wields it. Prophesised before her birth to be the sword's rightful wielder who would bring peace back to the land, Nariko disappointed and disgraced her clan by having the audacity to be born female. However, when she is tasked with taking care of the blade, Nariko is finally able to demonstrate her true worth.

The combat system is kept interesting by the different fighting styles on offer. The Heavenly Sword can be wielded in three different ways: the Speed Stance, the Range Stance and the Power Stance, allowing you to shape your fighting style to suit the situation on hand.

Unfortunately for Heavenly Sword, the game it finds itself most often compared to is God of War.

Heavenly Sword £6.99 @ HMV [PS3 Games]

I say "unfortunately" because, not-bad as it is, Heavenly Sword simply cannot live up to the bench mark set by Kratos and his mythological antics. That's not to say its not a decent enough title; I've had a go myself and rather enjoyed it but perhaps the fact that I have never felt much desire to actually go out and buy it says a lot.

Thanks to SveTom at Hotukdeals!

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Jack  Oct. 22, 2009 at 22:49

Great game

John Wilkinson  Oct. 23, 2009 at 14:35

Except it is showing as "deleted title - unavailable"

Emma Kelly  Oct. 23, 2009 at 16:26

Sold out now, deal over. Gotta be fast!


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