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Hedone Hands-On Preview | Triple-A Quality... For Free!

Jonathan Lester
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Hedone | PC

Hedone Hands-On Preview | Triple-A Quality... For Free!

We're not exactly short of first person shooters these days. The genre has expanded and homogenized into one of the industry's main sources of income, but in the shadow of Modern Warfare and Battlefield, one brave little title is set to revolutionise the way we play - and pay for - our online shooting experience. Hedone from ACONY games promises to deliver a polished and feature-rich package that you'd typically expect from a Triple-A outfit... but you won't need to part with a single penny for it.

Hedone is set to be the best free-to-play FPS since Team Fortress 2 - and is undoubtedly one of the surprise highlights of Gamescom 2011.

Hedone Hands-On Preview | Triple-A Quality... For Free!

Pronounced hee-dohn (just in case you were wondering), this team-based online shooter revolves around earning heat, earning fans and getting paid to increase your reputation and arsenal. In the world of 2020, the borders between entertainment and reality have blurred, resulting in a globally syndicated combat game show. Real people with real weapons fight for a shot at superstardom every night live on camera, with their bodies being painfully regenerated by advanced cloning technology. Players assume the role of a new Hedone contestant, meaning that high scores and kill ratios will gain them a virtual fanbase that will rocket them up the leaderboards as well as earning digital currency to splurge on a massive selection of customisation options.

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