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Hell-IX Kickstarter Promises Desert Strike Action

Jonathan Lester
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Hell-IX Kickstarter Promises Desert Strike Action

Desert Strike fans may be intrigued to note that a 3D indie homage has just hit Kickstarter. Hell-IX plans to blend old-school high octane helicopter action with all the bells and whistles we expect from modern games - so long as it attracts $22,000 over the coming month. Retromade Games are also going big on release platforms, targeting PC, Wii U, iOS, Android, OUYA and even the GameStick.

Trailer and details below.

If you've ever played a classic helicopter shooter, you know what Hell-IX is aiming for. From the blurb: Hell-IX (read it as roman numeral Hell "Nine") is a Combat & Rescue game based on classic games like Tiger Heli, Air Rescue, Desert Strike and others. The concept is very simple, take off, search for marines, rescue them and return home meanwhile you’re fighting against the enemy troops.

Sounds good, frankly.

Key game features:

  • Multidevice game: iOS, Android, OUYA, GameStick, Windows Phone, Blackberry Z10, PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Wii U
  • Survival game (survive endless waves with play becoming harder as you progress)
  • Simple Control system, only one joystick (virtual on devices) and 3 buttons
  • Automatic target lock system
  • Huge open world maps for endless missions
  • Experience system to progress and unlock new maps & areas
  • Main missions (rescue marines) and secondary missions (destroy enemy infrastructures)
  • Several kinds of hostile enemies
  • Take care of your helicopter’s armour, fuel and ammo

It looks a lot like the recently-released Thunder Wolves, but hopefully Hell-IX will keep the focus tightly on aerial combat rather than diluting the action with numerous pointless minigames.

More details and the full pitch are available on Kickstarter itself. If you've never used Kickstarter before, click here first.

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tr0r  Aug. 1, 2013 at 16:42

Surely auto aim should be optional?

retromadegames  Aug. 1, 2013 at 17:09

Surely auto aim should be optional?

Yes, player can connect or disconnect auto-aim, cicle targets, even orbital aim.

phil16  Aug. 2, 2013 at 12:59

Desert strike was the first game I completed (sure I'd played a lot before that but rarely got very far - I was a young new gamer back then). Hope this is similar as it would be good to relive my youth...

retromadegames  Aug. 2, 2013 at 13:10

I hope you enjoy this game Phil, of course it is exactly as Desert Strike, only inspired but we think it is very fun too :)

Anarchist  Aug. 2, 2013 at 13:56

You completed desert strike? +1 respect. That game was intense, thought I was one of the only people to ever finish it!


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