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Not A Hero Reveal Interview | "It's A Bit Like If You Crossed Gears Of War With Elevator Action"

Jonathan Lester
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Flushed with success from addictive Vita skateboarding game OlliOlli, Roll7 have revealed that their brand new title is a very different kettle of fish. Not A Hero blends cinematic cover-based shooting with two-dimensional platforming, casting players as a washed-up failed hero who performs increasingly bizwetworks to further his boss' political career.

His boss being a "giant purple rabbit from the future" called Bunny Lord. Because... why not.

Keen to learn more, we grabbed Roll7's John Ribbins for an interview at EGX Rezzed, during which we discussed Not A Hero's setting, gameplay, stern difficulty level and inspirations. With our site's official mascot -- Toby The Dealspwny -- overseeing the proceedings from his shoulder.

You can watch it all in the video above, or on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for our video preview at 17:00!

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