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From Hero Subscription Fees To Little Big Planet Learning: News Roundup November 24th

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Today’s news roundup sees Activision look at the possibility of incorporating a DLC subscription service to future Hero games, U.S. Law firm Abington IP consider filing a class action lawsuit against Microsoft over the recent string of Xbox Live bans, and President Obama embraces Little Big Planet as part of his new learning intiative.

Red Octane Looking To DLC Subscription Service For Hero Franchise

From Hero Subscription Fees To Little Big Planet Learning: News Roundup November 24th

The “Hero” games are fast becoming an unstoppable force in the gaming industry, with Activision currently looking for more ways to squeeze a little bit more more money from the franchise.  Red Octane co-founder Kai Huang commented on the possibility of a montly subscription service for the game’s downloadable content in a recent interview, announcing “That's definitely one of the things we would love to do.  There are a lot of issues around music licensing. Customers want it; I know I want it. We're trying to make that happen.

If such a thing were handled correctly the subscription service may prove beneficial to all, providing players with a constant update of Hero tracks, while Red Octane (and Activision) enjoys a steady revenue stream.  Huang does share some concerns over the difficulties of getting the rights from musicians if such a thing is to take place, and no price has been estimated as of yet.  But considering Activision’s involved, it likely won’t come cheap.  [SeattleTimes]

Possible Class Action Lawsuit over Xbox Live Bans

From Hero Subscription Fees To Little Big Planet Learning: News Roundup November 24th

The mass banning of Xbox Live accounts has left a lot of people angry.  Abington IP (U.S. Law firm) is considering cashing-in on this anger by announcing a possible class action lawsuit against Microsoft, urging anyone who has recently faced a ban to get into contact with them and join the suit.  Microsoft of course has responded they have every right to ban pirates and modders as they please.  “Piracy is illegal and modifying an Xbox 360 is a violation of the Xbox Live Terms of Use,” announced a spokesperson.  “Microsoft is well within its legal rights to ban these users from Xbox Live.

Reports indicate the total of bans is as high as 1 million consoles, but according to Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten “I cannot explain to you why people would think it was a million people. It wasn't a million people.”  Whether or not the suit will go forward isn’t clear, but we’ll keep you updated if anything progresses.  [FinancialPost]

President Obama Uses Little Big Planet as Learning Tool

From Hero Subscription Fees To Little Big Planet Learning: News Roundup November 24th

President Obama is reportedly using Little Big Planet as a form of learning as part of his new plan to use digital media as a means of education.  Teaming up with MacArthur foundation, HASTAC, and National Lab Day, Obama has formed the Digital Learning initiative.  A $2 million dollar competition is featured, with the Game Changers category asking players to incorporate science, engineering, and math into their Little Big Planet level creations for a chance to win.  Along with this Sony are donating 1,000 PS3s with Little Big Planet to low-income libraries and community organizations.  The winning Little Big Planet levels will be available when the winners are announced this spring.  [1UP]

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