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Heroes & Generals Unveiled By Reto-Moto

Felix Kemp
Heroes & Generals, Io Interactive, Reto-Moto

Heroes & Generals Unveiled By Reto-Moto

WW2 Shooter From Ex-Hitman Studio

You might not recognize the name Reto-Moto, but you've no doubt played their breakout hit, the Hitman games. Yes, Agent 47's inked dome was brought to virtual life over at Reto-Moto, whose co-founders resisted the allure of Eidos in 2004 when the publisher bought the studio and formed IO Interactive, who went on to develop further Hitman games. In 2008, Reto-Moto announced they'd reformed and planned on building multiplayer-centric titles. Three years on, they've finally announced their long-gestating project. Heroes & Generals, a WW2 first-person shooter playable on internet browsers.

A merging of typical first-person shooter standards and RTS principles, Heroes & Generals has you choose between the role of a lowly soldier fighting the battle on the front-lines ala Call of Duty, or a strategic officer, overseeing the entire map on the War Server where they can plan and enact attacks and deliver resources.

"Heroes & Generals is a PC game that's fully playable in a browser, yet it offers state-of-the-art graphics and sound thanks to the proprietary Retox engine built by Reto-Moto," Reto-Moto explain. "We call H&G a 'Mass Participation Game', a term that not only describes the ease of access and massive-scale warfare, but also our goal to create a game that embraces open feedback from the community at every step - including our current Alpha stage."

You can apply for a Heroes & Generals Alpha key on their official website right now, and we'll have more for you on the exciting-sounding game in the coming months. [Reto-Moto]

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