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All New Hitman 5 Details, Screenshots

Felix Kemp
E3 2011, Games news, Hitman: Absolution

All New Hitman 5 Details, Screenshots

After much teasing, prodding and leaked images, Hitman 5 Absolution is beginning to take shape. For the past month or so, we've had teaser trailers and unofficial screenshots to go off; but now, concrete details and gameplay information have begun to emerge, promising to deliver the best Hitman game yet!

First off, Agent 47 has been spending the last few years at numerous yoga and athletics classes, as according to the report he's a far more agile and lithe than ever before. He can cling to ledges, shimmy around and balance on precarious outcroppings. Ties in with the recent screenshot leaks showing 47 perched on a colonnade, high above guards assembled below.

A cover-system has been introduced, and the option of grabbing foes as human-shields is set to return. Agent 47 can now off his enemies in a wide variety of contextual manners, utilizing objects in the environment. Examples include strangling guards with electrical wire - ouch - crashing a chandelier down - double ouch - or even using a bong - erm, groovy?

But stealth is still a key component in Absolution. Hiding in dark corners or shadowy recesses renders 47 invisible to hapless passersby. The newfangled Glacier tech can render dozens of on-screen NPCs, so it'd be wise to avoid some of them if you can. The game is set to employ a 'film-noir' look and feel, with dynamic music adapting to what's occurring on-screen.

Furthermore, the developers are attempting to cater for the casual crowd who aren't so familiar with the - admittedly brutal - nature of Hitman games, implementing a new system called 'Instinct Mode'. In 'Instinct', you're gifted with X-Ray vision, highlighting enemy locations and paths. Objects relevant to the game will glow, and enemies will have a harder time spotting you in disguises. However, if you think this sounds a mite too easy; don't fret, as 'Instinct' uses a dwindling source of energy that replenishes over time.

It's all shaping up to be a tense, brutal affair come whatever month Absolution drops. It's a congested end of the year, so I can see the developers waiting until early 2012 for release. Check out the link for new screens, too. [Gamers Mint]

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