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Hitman: Absolution Looking To Target 'Broader Audience'

Matt Gardner
Hitman: Absolution, Io Interactive, News

Hitman: Absolution Looking To Target 'Broader Audience'

Speaking to DigitalTrends, Tore Blystad - director at IO Interactive - has said that the studio is looking to appeal to a 'broader audience' with Hitman: Absolution, calling the games of the past 'very hardcore' and 'difficult to play'.

'The Hitman games of past have been very hardcore,' said Blystad. 'Even though the fantasy of the Hitman universe has a very universal appeal, the games have been so difficult to play, that it’s been more of an acquired taste. The biggest challenge that we had with this game was to make it much broader in every sense, so that it was easier to play and more accessible, but still retain a very strong, hardcore side as well. We don’t want to alienate any of our fans who have been extremely loyal for so many years.'

We sometimes get a little scared when the phrases 'more accessible' and 'broader audience' get used around franchises we love, particularly considering that the Hitman series has long been one of cerebral decision-making and, if you want those coveted Silent Assassin ratings, precise planning and execution.

Blystad also talked about full motion capture in the game, the improved AI and the new game engine Glacier 2. Check out the full feature here. [via EG]

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Andy  May. 29, 2011 at 15:51

I love the Hitman games and hope they dont ruin it by trying to make it easier. Pretty sure splinter cell conviction sucked because of the same reasoning..

DrTrouserPlank  May. 29, 2011 at 17:02

Roughly translated that means it going to force you into gunplay and make it more about action than stealth; which is exactly the road I feared they would go down.


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