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Hitman: Blood Money | £1.49 | Eidos Store | PC

Matt Gardner
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Hitman: Blood Money | £1.49 | Eidos Store | PC

  • What: Hitman: Blood Money game
  • Current Price: £1.49
  • Where: Eidos Online Store
  • Platform & Price Comparison: PC

IO Interactive might have dabbled recently in kids games and brutal, gritty Michael Mann-esque action with Mini Ninjas and Kane and Lynch, but frankly there's only one game I really want to see them working on...and that's Hitman 5. In the interim I highly recommend you check out Blood Money to see how mini sandbox action, that gives the player the freedom to accomplish their objectives in whatever they see fit, should really be done. Want to kick down the front door all guns blazing? Or would you rather silently kill a chef, poison the target's birthday cake and then set off a fire alarm in the basement to distract the guards as you make your escape? Your choice.

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Zleet  Sep. 16, 2010 at 13:12

The only issue I had with Blood money was the removal of the codes on the console.

On previous Hitman games I used to love unlocking all the weapons to try the missions in different ways. After i'd done sensible I would turn on all the anti-gravity and such to see what I could do. The fact I couldn't have unlimited mines and bodies float on the mardi gras level with the massive crowds really pee'd me off.


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