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Homefront 2 In The Works Despite Kaos Closure

Felix Kemp
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Homefront 2 In The Works Despite Kaos Closure

Homefront wasn't quite as successful critically as THQ had once hoped, mired in the middle-ground between instant classic and disappointing flop. However, it sold over a million copies in a week alone, so THQ had made the less than surprising choice to move forward with a sequel. Sadly, original developers Kaos Studios won't be involved; THQ shut them down earlier today.

"Everything we learned from [the original] you'll see executed in other games going forward, and including that franchise going forward," reveals THQ's head of core games, Danny Bilson. "We'll have some really interesting announcements in the future about the future of that brand".

However, Kaos Studios won't be at the helm, as THQ announced their immediate closure this afternoon. Instead, THQ's Montreal workshop will take over development duties, having already collaborated with Kaos on Homefront. Bilson is keen to ally key Kaos developers with their Montreal outfit. "The best talent from the game will always be invited and involved".

Bilson did admit he wasn't entirely satisfied with the first Homefront, instead calling it a "tremendous learning experience". But it's obvious he still has a lot of belief in the game itself. "I put a lot of myself into that effort on that game. I learned a lot. I still think it's creatively a fantastic game, a great place to go. The environmental storytelling is excellent. The marketing was wonderful. That brand resonated with a lot of people emotionally".

Homefront was an ambitious if decidedly flawed experience, its poignant setting and subject matter undermined by poor mission design and visual shortcomings. The multiplayer was its strongest component, and continues to attract fans. We'll have more for you on future Homefront titles very soon. [Eurogamer]

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