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Homefront Devs: Shooters Need To Take Risks

Jonathan Lester
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Intelligent Pacing Will Beat "Massacre Fatigue"

Homefront Devs: Shooters Need To Take Risks

Kaos, the studio behind upcoming FPS Homefront, has spoken out to decry the lack of innovation in shooters these days. Their lead level designer explains that it's up to smaller developers to blaze the trail- and that intelligent level design will combat players' desensitization to the source material.

Speaking to CVG, Kaos Studio's Rex Dixon states that Homefront will provide a breath of fresh air as its being developed by a team of avid gamers... and would like other developers to follow suit.

As a game designer and someone who plays games I really want some people to start pushing boundaries. Kaos could have made another modern combat game in the Middle East, or an armored fighter in space versus aliens but does the market really need any more of that?

Well... maybe a little more, Rex. Homefront is certainly a lot of fun, but the jury's still out on whether it will be truly innovative. However, Dixon believes that it's up to the smaller third-party studios to deliver new advances in gaming in order to beat the

If the big guys aren’t going to take the risks they’re going to just keep making the same game over and over with each iteration then It’s up to the little guys to make these games and try and break the mold.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dixon discussed the problem of "massacre fatigue;" the phenomenon by which players become completely numb (and bored) by the violence after participating in linear shooting galleries. Apparently Homefront will negate this problem by breaking up the action "every two or three minutes" with either “a story moment, a drama moment, spectacle moment or vista moment."

Apparently some of these moments will genuinely make players feel uncomfortable and uneasy... right before they get involved with some riotous multiplayer. Why not check out our Homefront Preview?

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