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Homeworld Creators Show Off Hardware: Shipbreakers In New Trailer

Jonathan Lester
Blackbird Interactive, Free to play, Hardware: Shipbreakers, RTS, Strategy games

Homeworld Creators Show Off Hardware: Shipbreakers In New Trailer

Blackbird Interactive, an indie studio formed from several ex-Relic game designers, have blown the lid off their latest project. Hardware: Shipbreakers is a free-to-play RTS that sees players securing spaceship wrecks on a godforsaken planet, many of which clearly take inspiration from the homeworld series.

More details and some sensational trailers after the break.

"Hunt for riches among a graveyard of derelict starships on the mysterious planet, LM-27," commands the official blurb. "Reclaim precious cargo and adopt exotic technologies from the space-wrecks littered across the desert wasteland. Combat hostile competitors, equally desperate for wealth. Survive harsh storms and burning temperatures. Endure the poisonous and grinding dust that wears down man and machine alike. If you survive these, fortune can be your reward.

"Or death in the sand your lonely fate."

Described as a “persistent multiplayer” “social strategy game," Hardware: Shipbreakers will task players with securing territory using Baserunner vehicles, and battling with rival teams of prospectors (presumably other players). Pre-orders are already available if you fancy joining the closed beta while netting some launch packages.

We'll keep an eye on this one ahead of its launch later this year.

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X10  May. 30, 2013 at 15:00

You can also sign-up to the beta through this form, but it's not guaranteed:


davidpanik  May. 30, 2013 at 15:23

Loving the amount of detail and world-building that appears to have gone into this. Could be very interesting.

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