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Hotline Miami Developers 'Talking To Sony' About Vita Version

Jonathan Lester
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Hotline Miami Developers 'Talking To Sony' About Vita Version

Dennaton Games' Jonatan Söderström has been consulting with Sony about the possibility of porting sleazy, ultraviolent "f*ck 'em up" Hotline Miami to PlayStation devices.

Söderström told Pocket Gamer that the team have been "been talking to Sony" with a view to finding a porting partner familiar with PlayStation and Vita games. "We would need someone to port it for us," he said, explaining that Dennaton have no experience with the Vita hardware or toolkit.

"Would be interesting to see if it was possible to get it to play well on a touchscreen device," Söderström added. "Sounds like a challenge."

In case you don't already know, Hotline Miami is reprehensible, shocking and rather brilliant - scoring a whopping 9/10 and our Editor's Choice Award in our full review. It could potentially be a great fit for Vita.

Söderström made headlines over the weekend due to his surprisingly helpful approach to piracy.

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