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Hotline Miami Priced And Dated

Matt Gardner
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Hotline Miami Priced And Dated

Devolver and Dennaton have announced that the top-down, retro-flavoured butcherthon that is Hotline Miami will release on October 23rd, with an RRP of £6.99.

You'll be able to order  it at Get Games for the exclusive EXPOsed mission that demoed at EGX this year, and for a 10% price cut down to £6.29.

Here's what we said in our preview:

Hotline Miami is a visceral video nasty that proves strangely hypnotic. The colours, the music, the simplicity of it all, and the swift nature of the action, the failure, the restoration, and the redemption, all come together to make a cocktail with a kick to it. The ability to immediately respawn, as with all trial and error games, is utterly crucial, and the buildings are never so large as to induce frustration. Furiously addictive, Hotline Miami's garish, gory appeal is an unapologetic , incredibly self-aware title with a bunch of simple, accessible, and often punishing elements, that makes you ill a whole bunch of pixellated fellows in a frenetic battle for survival, and then calls you a terrible person for doing so before sending you on another murderous mission.

It's utterly crazy, and I loved every second of its seedy delights.

Bring it!

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Kopite211  Oct. 9, 2012 at 21:14

Cannot wait, already pre-purchased!

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