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Only a few hours left to nab Saints Row IV for £7.49 at the Humble Store

Matt Gardner
Action Games, Deep Silver, PC games, Saints Row IV, Sandbox games, Volition Inc.

Only a few hours left to nab Saints Row IV for £7.49 at the Humble Store

Saints Row IV | Humble Store | £7.49
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I got a massive kick out of Saints Row IV thanks to its focus on giving you ridiculous superpowers, outlandish weapons, and setting you in a homage-toting version of the Matrix. It's a whole bunch of fun, and it's on sale over at the Humble Store for the next seven hours.


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imdurc  May. 8, 2014 at 22:23

Someone pointed out in the HUKD thread that, if you use a VPN, you can get it for £5.90. Oh, and the season pass would be under £2, too :)

Tsung  May. 9, 2014 at 08:40

My recent experience with Humble Bundle has left me nervous to use their site anymore. I bought Space Hulk yesterday for only £4.50, got home, went to claim the key only to find it had been claimed by "another" steam user already.

Unknown to me, sometime last month this other person was able to assign their steam account to my humble bundle account. The only notification I received was an email from humble bundle after they done it. The email was {this steam user} has associated their steam account with your humble bundle account. It was lost in many of the humble bundle emails I receive (I dont sit there reading all my emails all day just incase).

Anyhows, if they managed to log into my humble bundle account, why didn't they change the password? why didn't they change the default email?. So I don't think they did that, somehow they managed to link their account (it might be a programming bug, it might be a genuine mistake).

What really is fail is the fact there is no 2nd check on the change. Eg. send an email saying "{Steam User} wants to associate their account to your Humble Bundle account, is this correct?" with a yes/no link.

Anyhows, I've emailed them, to see what they are going to do about it. I would rather go back to them issuing keys what I can type in rather than linking to a steam account.


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