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House Of The Dead 2 95p @ The Game Collection [PC Games]

Felix Kemp
First person shooter, House of the Dead, PC games

House Of The Dead 2 95p @ The Game Collection [PC Games]

Fans of the light-gun classic, House of the Dead, can swipe the second instalment on the PC for a mere 95p from The Game Collection!

Shot into a price-comparison, The Game Collection’s offer for House of the Dead 2 staggered forth as the cheapest available, with a two-pound saving! The House of the Dead series enjoyed much success in arcades, where grown men could be seen hefting plastic pistols with shivering hands. Reminiscent of the Resident Evil games, House of the Dead envisages a world where the shambling undead plague mansions and cities alike.

The House of the Dead series is normally played with a light-gun, although this version on the PC makes do with the mouse; a worthy replacement. In the game, you cannot move the character manually; you can only aim his gun. Zombies and their many mutated brethren must be perforated with bullets until dead, with a climactic boss-battle often bookending encounters.

House of the Dead 2 is set two years on from the events of the first game, Caleb Goldman, a genome expert and all-round human-hater, unleashes another horde of zombies, with Venice chosen for their unveiling. Agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart are ordered to prevent the outbreak spreading any further, and to uncover what else Goldman may be harbouring.

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jamespir  Aug. 3, 2009 at 09:10

doesent work on vista tho shame

GreyScale  Aug. 3, 2009 at 09:44

Barely even worth a quid. You'll play it through completely in 15 minutes then never touch it again. Spend the cash on a couple of muffins instead, much better value for money.

Also be warned, there are no noisy arcade sounds to drown out the voice acting and dialogue - it is bad, very very very bad indeed, and may make you want to weep uncontrollably.


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