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The Humble Indie Bundle: 5 Games - Pay What You Want

Matt Gardner
Games deals, Indie Games, Penumbra Overture, World Of Goo

The Humble Indie Bundle: 5 Games - Pay What You Want

We love deals like this here at Dealspwn, offering up the perfect opportunity to sample a load of indie talent. Pay What You Want offers are often an excellent way of attracting new fans, online window shoppers who might otherwise pass up the opportunity, and helping procrastinating buyers (I fall into this category), who tend to 'um' and 'ah'  incessantly, to enjoy a moment of spontaneity.

Wolfire are offering up a luscious bundle of Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, not to mention the superb double of Penumbra Overture and World of Goo as a part of this deal, with a rather interesting twist. They've partnered up with a couple of charities - Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play - and you can choose to split your donation equally seven ways, or give it all to the charities, or all to the developers, or mix and match however you might like.

There are no middlemen this time around and, whilst we wouldn't presume to tell you how to make use of this deal, it's worth noting that even dropping $10 (£7) here will be saving you at least £15-20 that you might have paid on Steam for all of these titles.

World of Goo will probably be your point of entry here, the quirky little puzzler has lost absolutely none of its charm and is worth at least a fiver or so just on its own, but it's backed up with sterling support here. Aquaria is a beautifully rendered underwater adventure with striking art direction and an innovative mouse-oriented control scheme; Gish is a 2D side-scroller where you play a rolling ball of tar, engaging in tons of physics-based mayhem; and Lugaru is an utterly bizarre 3D action-adventure game that has you controlling a bunny rabbit ninja seeking revenge for the massacre of his village.

They're all strikingly idiosyncratic, indie gems that are well worth a couple of quid each, but then of course there's Penumbra: Overture. The first chapter in a series of episodic first-person horror adventures, Overture is survival horror with a difference - there are no guns, the emphasis here is on exploration, stealth and avoidance, and it's absolutely fantastic.

It's worth noting that donating anything as part of this deal will allow you to pick up the Penumbra Collection for just $5 here, and I'd advise you to do both. These games are far too good to miss for a couple of pounds.

Thanks to Salmon-Face at HUKD

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Emma Kelly  May. 5, 2010 at 14:37

Excellent. World of Goo alone is worth it! I think I'll get this one because I haven't tried any of the others.

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